SMALL MUSIC CONCERT WITH LOVE; Music Concert for the hearingimpaired

Client: YoungRong / Leaflet / 2006

“Zapf Dingbats,” composed of ornamental symbols, is used in general in design. This font is replaced with the text of the title, place, time and others on the cover page. The intention of the usage of “Zapf Dingbats” is not only the decoration but also “the experience of the communications gap.”
The first impression of the cover design; the complexity and the cohesion of unknowing ornamental symbols, is connected with this music concert purpose, “… for the hearingimparied.” As the hearingimparied experience the communications gap with the medium of the sound, the experience of the communications gap and the inconvenience of the audience in music concert via the medium of the visual would be for the understanding of the hearingimpaired.
However, the design is not for all exclusion of the information. The information is existed in the tiny and very light colors, not very easy to see. These provide the clue, that the disconnection may be slightly changed into the mutual understanding ideally.
Another intension of this design is for “the abundance of meaningless elements.” The combination of the disconnected elements(symbols) is both expression of musical harmony of the different music instruments and the reflection of this music concert purpose, the gathering of the different people’s minds.