Interactive Project / Swf file / 2002 / thanks to Chris Edwards / Yale University / 2007 Seoul Design Week Exhibition Selective Work

'Monologues about...' involves three people. Each monologue is comprised of 5 scenes like a puzzle, and if fitting the monologue like you do a puzzle helps you to understand the relationship among the three people. The synopsis was partially taken from post-modern fiction books such as independent paragraphing and break down of sequence. Based on combining this story and indirective, the "revealing" method was introduced. Just like placing a coin under a piece of paper and rubbing it with a pencil that reveals the surface of the coin, moving the mouse in the screen reveals the image and letter. This offers a visual and physical experience through discovering hidden stories. Every time pages are turned, the hidden stories are matched like puzzle pieces, and a completed image can be seen at the end. Music from 'Radio Head' can be heard in each page.

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