Flow Series Project / Poster / 2002 / thanks to Allen Hori / Yale University

My focus is on physical movement through space and time using emotion as content.

To ‘flow’ means to go through space and time. According to the dictionary definition, flow can mean the physical movement of tears, which is to ‘weep’. The word, ‘weep’ evokes sadness. In content, I use words connoting sadness and visualize the physical movement of weeping through space and time. In expressing physical movements, I am concerned with eye movements in my work, as in reading from top to bottom or following images. Typographically I try to play with the letter ‘O’ which can represent the shape of tears. In the way I use typefaces, I try to connect to sadness.

Flow of Sadness 01

Flow of Sadness 02

Flow of Sadness & Happiness 01

Flow of Sadness & Happiness 02