Project HAP Document

Book / Apt Press / 2009

This book is about the "Project Hap" performed at the National Theater of Korea, August, 2008. With photo documents from dancers' practices to actual performance on stage, it contains the self-critical and documental stories and processes of that the performers and planners couldn't show on stage intentionally, or mistakenly.
It also reveal very briefly the technical contents for the performance; the development of Interactive Janggu, the Usages of Sound Interactive, Impromptu Screen Interactive, and so on.

Since now, the documents of the performance areas have been shown as the final stage performances on CDs mostly. If seeking some other ways, there are the critics' statements and some references of the press. The self-critical and included process, documents are very rare. Leaving from the success or not, the purpose of the development on the self-critical document about the performance is in this book.

The format of this book is close to the catalogue. This structure is from the catalogue of Art Center College of Design,1999-2001. Left sides show the photo documents about the figures at the practice room to rehearsal, and right sides show the text contents.

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