Exchange Project / Poster / 2002 / thanks to Michael Rock, Linda van Deursen / Yale University

In the Yale Department of Graphic Design, students exchanged thesis ideas and designed another student’s idea; in this project, I was paired with Jun. Jun’s thesis concerns how designers interpret and communicate ideas to implicate the design process. Jun looks at the structure of the message, analyzes the language, and finds a visual equivalent for the inherent structure.
This project shows the distance (disconnection) between receivers and senders in communication. This expresses my emotional state through my voice and visuals while Jun made his presentation. As showing his presentation slides while being heard my voices which practicing pronunciation of words, I tried to make a big disconnection between form and content. This is also showing the difference between seeing and thinking in viewer and actor. In viewers, I was seen as if I was hearing his presentation and I supposed to do but I didn’t.